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World On A String’s self-titled debut album arrived to rave reviews in 2004. It was nominated by Danish Music Awards in 2005 in the category “Best Crossover Album of the Year”.

Albums tracks

1. Light Minded (Falgren) 6:37
2. Lydian Mode (Sund) 8:43
3. New Gems (Sund) 5:41
4. Inborn (Falgren) 5:00
5. Straight Ahead (Sund) 6:33
6. Martin Rochford’s (Irish trad. – arr: Falgren/Sund) 5:01
7. Root & Branch (Sund) 7:00
8. India (Falgren/Sund/Theill) 9:25
9. As The Crow Flies (Falgren) 5:44
10. Sine Die (Falgren) 6:35
11. Between Leaves (Theill) 4:50

Line up:

John Sund – 6 & 12 string guitars
Bjarke Falgren – violin & viola
Morten Lundsby – bass
Ole Theill – tabla

– all songs you listen to here are excerpts – below you can read various statements from the critics

“Intense Music from a group that play together like they can read each other blindfolded”
…and these experienced gentlemen creates the musical fundament with their own compositions that breathes like living organic entities – in a way one wouldn’t think possible.”

“Technical and musical acoustic folk-jazz-world music without boundaries”

  • Release Date  29/08/2009
  • Label Gateway Music
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Upcoming Release

W orld On A String’s new album is ready and we are initially releasing two single tracks – the title song Seasons and Two Rainbows. The full album will be official released in February 2017. It is futhermore, in addition, very exiting for us as we are introducing a new member to the band – the young and immensely talented tabla player Mirwais Fedai.

The album was at the Village Recording and mixed by August Wanngren

So stay tuned and check the new singles HERE 













Prepare your ears and minds and dive into our world of music.

TWO RAINBOWS – of the new double single release
SEASONS – of the new double single release
World On A String – our second release
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Nominated debut album from 2004