World On A String has existed for over 14 years. They have, all this time, nurtured their very own personal music-style and over the years they’ve gathered a steady number of enthusiastic followers. Their three album releases has received extraordinary praise from the critics and their début release was nominated by Danish Music Awards in the category “Best Cross-over Album of the year”.

The music of the four time Grammy-winning group-members are characterized with words like lyrical nordic folk-jazz mixed with Middle-Eastern mystique and Indian rhythms. Simplicity and complexity go hand in hand while topped with challenging and rousing improvisation – altogether, this makes the Band’s sparkling live concerts a very special experience.

The musical universe of WOAS sets itself apart from most groups in the genre of folk-jazz. Here we are dealing with a group of musicians of a very high calibre and therefore it isn’t a surprise that they have drawn attention outside their regular borders and have performed far and wide from home, during the twelve years of their existence.

In 2016 the young extraordinary tabla player Mirwais Fedai joined the group and this new spark of impulse has acted as a catalyst for WOAS’ presently strong collective output, which is more distinct and defined than ever ― a thing which is clearly evident listening to the music from their latest album.

The four members are recognised and highly appreciated for their individual contributions to the Danish music society, with their innumerable collaborations across many genres. Here is some of their individual collaborations: Danish Radio Big Band, Shashank Subramanyam, Palle Mikkelborg, Lelo Nika, Bo Stief, Kamal Sabri, Creme Fraiche, Mike Sheridan, Mads Langer, Outlandish, Jens Lysdal, TV2, Paolo Russo,  Afenginn, Nikolaj Busk, Odense Symfoni Orkester, Bilal Irshed & Global Tunes, Daniel Herskedal, Filip Jers, Jacob Fischer, Mikkel Nordsø, Flamenco Passion.

John Sund6 & 12 string guitars
Bjarke Falgrenviolin & viola
Morten Lundsbycontrabass
Mirwais Fedai – tabla & percussion

Here is what the reviewers have said about WOAS:

“…continuously reflective playing, searching and fearless improvisation,
now and then slowly and meditative, but most of
the time with a strong rhythmic drive, which always keeps the excitement – and interest – captured”.
Jack Donen – Djembe

“This is meaningful and honest art,
they have to the greatest extent “found each other” and together they raise the music
to a higher level, which as I hear it, reaches far beyond the actual notes and melodies, we hear.”
By Peter Rahbek, Jazzspecial

“This quartet performs with an open “free flow” and the joy of playing is constantly present.
The music on this CD is an adventure for the listener beyond the average”.
Torsten Eckerman – Jazzlife, Sweden

…and these experienced gentlemen creates the musical foundation with their own compositions
that breathes like living organic entities – in a way one wouldn’t think possible.
Niels Overgaard – JazzNyt

“…here we are provided with impressive technical skills combined with great musicality…”
“Here one can pick up musical impressions and experiences out of the ordinary and it is
marvellous. Pay attention to these four guys, ladies and gentlemen! “
Nils Thorlund – Roots Zone